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Since completing my residency in psychiatry at NYU – Bellevue Hospital, I have treated thousands of patients with clinical depression. With advances in psychiatric knowledge, treatment with psychotropic medication has become more sophisticated, safer and targeted. Unfortunately, these advances have reached a plateau and there are a substantial number of individuals with depression who simply do not respond or are unable to tolerate medication. TMS offers a needed alternative for those who have struggled with depression, but have not benefited from medication, despite their own best efforts with treatment.

Over the last 10 years, my office has treated hundreds of individuals in the community who have struggled with treatment resistant depression. We work with those who are self-referred, without a current provider, as well as those who are already seeing another provider, but require TMS in addition to their present treatment. We welcome questions and inquiry and provide our patients with information and knowledge, regarding the details of a course of TMS. My office staff and TMS technicians has been with me for years and along with myself, are committed to providing a treatment environment that is both reassuring and professional.

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